Vinyl Decals

There are two basic types of decals. PRINTED or CUT

PRINTED VINYL DECALS: These will closely resemble what you think of as a “peel and stick” sticker. Printed vinyl is basically what it sounds like, inks are used to print a design onto white vinyl. Printed vinyl can produce a decal that has many multiple colors and ideal for gradients and shading, photographs, illustrated artwork, and when specific colors need to be maintained.


CUT VINYL DECALS: These take a little more time and patience to install, but once installed it can appear to be hand painted. Cut vinyl decals have no background, the background is what you install it onto. Cut vinyl decals are die-cut from pre-colored rolls of vinyl and because of that you are limited by color selection. We compare cut decals to cutting shapes out of construction paper. You have a single color to work with, and multiple colors can be layered during installation.